Best Guitar Brands

Best Brands For Acoustic and Electric Guitars

The best guitar brands have managed to stay on top for some reasons, and those reasons can be anything from super quality to high affordability. If you’re looking to buy an acoustic or electric guitar, you might want to get familiar with some top brands for acoustic and electric guitars that you may consider. Let’s take a look at some great instrument makers. Some of the ones listed below have also been around for more than hundred years and best known for delivering best quality guitars at highly competitive rates.

My two top favorites

Gibson: Gibson needs no introduction when it comes to guitars. In fact, for beginners, Gibson is synonymous to acoustic guitar and one of the most preferable choices. Gibson has remained quite consistent in terms of styles and designs that made the brand so popular to begin with. Gibson guitars are legendary for their craftsmanship and tone.

Fender: Followed by Gibson, Fender is probably the second most recognized names for acoustic and electric guitars. This USA-based instrument company has been a part of almost every genre of music compositions for over 60 years. Fender is best known for offering less-expensive guitars than other brands in the market.

The best of the rest

Ibanez: Ibanez is a Japanese company that started out as a company specializing in quality copies of famous guitars. Today it has its own line of guitars and known as a great guitar company, mainly for hard rock and metal players. Ibanez makes guitars for just about every genre and style, but heavy music is where it shines the most.

Epiphone: Started out as one of the biggest competitors of Gibson, Epiphone is now owned by Gibson itself. In the current market, it is considered as Gibson’s budget-friendly little brother. Epiphone makes both acoustic and electric guitars, and most of the models are based around designs and patterns seen in Gibson.

B.C. Rich: This brand specializes in guitars suitable for heavy metal and hard rock genre. B.C Rich has produced some of the most legendary guitar designs in the entire history of metal, including the Bich, Virgin, Warlock, and Mockingbird. B.C. Rich still makes a great choice for guitarists looking for instrument that sounds and looks as edgy as possible.

Paul Reed Smith: Also known as PRS, Paul Reed Smith guitars have always been a hallmark for professional guitarist and musicians. PRS guitars are best known for their sophisticated designs, excellent quality sound and super classy performance. This makes a great pick for people looking for best of the best quality, without caring much about the price.

Jackson: Jackson is another well-known brand for metal players. In the 80s, the Jacksons guitars were in the hands of about every hard rock and metal player on earth and the tradition still continues. Jacksons’ guitars are known for great sound and performance.

Jackson models are also available in highly expensive custom shops. There are also less expensive guitars aimed more at beginning & intermediate players.

ESP: ESP has always been a guitar company best known for creating incredible custom shop instruments and high-quality original designs. Apparently, the ESP guitars are used by some of the best professional musicians even today, especially in the segment of hard rock and metal.

Yamaha: Yamaha makes everything, from acoustic to bass guitars to electric guitars to other band instruments. Yamaha’s acoustic guitars are extremely powerful and durable. Their guitars give ample of options for all levels of guitar experience. The Yamaha is considered best for its acoustic guitars aimed for beginners, because of its amazing sound qualities and ease of play.

Schecter: Schecter is an instrument manufacturing company that has managed to establish a great reputation in the market among all high-end brands available in the market. Most of the guitars by Schecter are focused on heavy metal market, but players of any level and genre can find a good Schecter that spectacularly meets their needs. With high-end appointments and superb craftsmanship, you’ll find that they are among the best values in the guitar world.

All the above companies have managed to build up their reputations over the years by manufacturing high-quality guitars used by some of the best musicians and guitar players in the world. Keeping in mind your budget and requirements, you can choose to go with either of the manufacturer and you’ll never regret your decision